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Live cricket commentary: India v Australia, 2nd Test, day three

3:04pm: Oops. Doherty is the one who kicks things off again and...there goes four. Upvotes:0 Downvotes:1 Copy Link
3:03pm: Drinks time now. The Australians may be hoping for something a little stronger than Gatorade. The batsmen look completely unfazed. India 1/356 Upvotes:0 Downvotes:2 Copy Link
3:03pm: Four more! Pujara puts Doherty away and Clarkes expression is stony. India 1/350. Upvotes:0 Downvotes:1 Copy Link
2:53pm: And theres Vijays 150! Big cheer goes up from the crowd, and he raises his bat. Well played and well deserved. India 1/345 Upvotes:4 Downvotes:2 Copy Link
2:52pm: Oh dear. Bonus run for India thanks to an Australian error in the field. It never rains, it pours. That takes Vijay to 149. Upvotes:1 Downvotes:2 Copy Link
2:48pm: Big shout from Doherty and the Australians for lbw. Denied by the umpire and the Aussies are unimpressed. Pujara survives. India 1/340. Upvotes:1 Downvotes:3 Copy Link
2:44pm: Down the ground for what looked like four more, but a nice slide and flick back kept the runs to just two. India leads by 101 runs. Upvotes:2 Downvotes:1 Copy Link
2:40pm: Another maiden over. Well, from an Australian perspective at least, no runs is better than what happened yesterday. Peter Siddle is into the attack now, replacing Pattinson. Upvotes:0 Downvotes:0 Copy Link
2:34pm: Predicted top of 36 degrees in Hyderabad today. Wonder if the Australians are feeling like its that hot already? Doesnt seemt o be bothering Vijay (140) and Pujara (172)... Upvotes:0 Downvotes:0 Copy Link
2:33pm: Good over from Doherty there, a maiden. But Australia needs wickets. India still 1/332. Upvotes:1 Downvotes:0 Copy Link
2:30pm: Oh dear. No slip in place and so Vijays looping shot runs away past Wade for four. India 1/332 Upvotes:2 Downvotes:2 Copy Link
2:29pm: Moises Henriques dived to stop a ball but he went down awkwardly and hard. Hes up and dusting himself off but hes a little ginger. On the plus side, he did stop the ball. Upvotes:2 Downvotes:0 Copy Link
2:27pm: Theres a four to Pujara. Crowd liked that very much, Pattinson less so. Pujara worked the ball off his pads nicely. India 1/327. Upvotes:0 Downvotes:1 Copy Link
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Xavier Doherty toiled manfully, despite taking no wickets as India racked up 1/311 in their first innings of the second Test. Autoplay OnOff Video feedback Video settings Upvotes:0 Downvotes:2 Copy Link
2:22pm: Slow start so far to this third day. Doherty and Pattinson the opening bowlers, Vijay and Pujara back at the crease again to taunt the Aussies. India 1/322. Upvotes:1 Downvotes:1 Copy Link
2:12pm: Half chance there for a catch off Pattinsons bowling. Just short and just wide of the fieldsman though. Would have been a ripper catch. But no luck. India 1/316 Upvotes:0 Downvotes:0 Copy Link
2:10pm: Well, Pattinson got through his first over relatively unscathed. But the Indians are hardly in a rush. They are 1/315, after all. Doherty to resume. Upvotes:0 Downvotes:0 Copy Link
2:08pm: Greg Baum: If we shut our eyes, put our fingers in our ears, and hum loudly to ourselves, the India series eventually will go away. Immediately, there is no other viable tactic. Read the full story here. Upvotes:3 Downvotes:0 Copy Link
2:04pm: Doherty has the ball first up for the Australians and it has been a fairly uneventful first over. India 1/313.
James Pattinson will take the ball at the other end. Upvotes:0 Downvotes:0 Copy Link

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