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Phillies First Round Pick JP Crawford
Cormican, SBNationPosted: Thursday, June 6, 2013, 9:28 PM

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I noted before in my Crawford preview that he simply ticks too many boxes that fit the Phillies soft spots for him to not get picked there. Well, he did. As the Phillies pick neared there were several good players that fit the Phillies profile on the board. Dominic Smith, Austin Wilson, Reese McGuire were all available. Thanks to an out of left field (well, left infield, maybe) pick by the Kansas City Royals at pick #9, some talent was going to fall to the Phillies. Well, Dominic Smith went to the Mets (who may be dropping the LOL soon), and McGuire went at 14 to the Pirates who had been strongly linked to him for weeks. That left Braden Shipley and JP Crawford as strong possibilities. Once Shipley went at 15 to the Diamondbacks, it seemed a foregone conclusion that JP Crawford was about to become a Phillies prospect.
Heres some of what I had to say about Crawford in my Draft Preview from May:
The Basics on Crawford: Hes a 62 175 lb Shortstop from California with a College commitment to USC. Hes a solid fielder with an above average arm (he also pitches for his High School team), above average speed and plenty of projectability. Hard to know whether he can stick at Short, hes long and has a lot of filling out to come. Its possible he could, maybe, grow out of the position, but he should have enough speed for Center.
Honestly, there may be no more risky position to draft high than High School Shortstop. Youre invariably getting the most athletic kid on his High School team, and if youre getting him in the First Round, probably one of the most athletic kids in the country. Baseball history is littered with First Round Shortstops who didnt pan out, or only became replacement players. Its a very tough position to field, and few of the SS that are drafted are polished hitters. All this is true of Crawford (Nephew of Carl).
Hes from the same High School as Shane Watson and Travis DArnaud. He could well be on the same team as Watson in a few weeks. Reports are that Crawford can stick at Short and he can hit and has enough speed he could go to Center if needed. Of course, the flaws are that he doesnt have great speed, but it is Average to Above-Average, and he needs some work on his hitting. A lot of High School hitters need work on their hitting though, so that risk is present with many First Rounders.
There is plenty to be excited about though. Crawford has good power for either Short or Center Field. Hes athletic enough to play a premium defensive position. Youll see Jeter comps. Defensively thats about how he profiles. Offensively it remains to be seen if he can have the OBP and AVG, but he should have similar power.
If I re-did my Top 30 Phillies Prospects right now, Crawford would be behind Biddle and Franco and no one else.
Ladies and Gentlemen, heres the new Shortstop in the system (courtesy of Perfect Game):

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