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Capture flawless 360-degree images with the BubblePod
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The BubblePod aims to be a smartphone accessory that captures 360-degree images in high resolution. The gadget launched as a project on Kickstarter yesterday and has already raised $16,000 of its $47,000 goal.
The BubblePod is a silicone phone grip and turntable that holds a wide variety of smartphones. The device is powered by a mechanical clockwork rotation that uses no batteries and emits no noise. The BubblePod can be used with the free BubblePix application to create professional-grade images the company calls Bubbles.
It takes less than a minute to capture and share an image. To get an image, simply mount your smartphone, wind up the BubblePod and press a button to begin shooting. The BubblePix application allows for full 360-degree panorama capture, and by mounting the BubblePod to your iOS, Android, or Blackberry device, you can eliminate the image variation that tends to occur when shooting simply with your hand.
“The BubblePod keeps the rotation exactly level, and uses multiple high-resolution frames for perfect full 360 degrees every time,” Pete Corke, head of business at BubblePix, said in a statement. “We want to make it easy for people to have a high quality images without breaking the bank.”
The BubblePod is designed to be a portable and easy way of capturing moments around you. Features include a wine bottle insert mount perfect for happy hour. Also, the BubblePix application can record audio to fully capture your moments.
The lowest price Kickstarter pledge that gives supporters a BubblePod is no longer available as the £15 ($23) was quite popular. Interested backers can still support BubblePod with pledges of £20 ($31) and more. BubblePod comes in a variety of colors so users can customize their gadget, as well as their photos.
The UK-based company is expected to start shipping the BubblePod by September.
Image via BubblePod/Kickstarter

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