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GamesBeat weekly roundup: Hey, you got your Clash of Clans in my Puzzle & Dragons, and Ouya slowly ships

If you follow VentureBeat but don’t regularly check our GamesBeat site, here’s a list of the best video game stories we ran over the last seven days that you may have missed.
This week, the Ouya Android-based game console launches, but some early Kickstarter backers still haven’t received their system, Zynga faces more trouble as its head of partner publishing leaves the company, and Clash of Clans and Puzzles & Dragons cross-promotional efforts increases each game’s international presence.
You’ll also find reviews for Company of Heroes 2 and Deadpool.
NewsSupercell and GungHo’s cross-promotion mutually boosts presence in Japan and U.S.Zynga turns to darker themes with its Hidden Shadows for its core Facebook audienceOddworld developers petition Kojima to let them remake Metal Gear SolidNew PlayStation 3 update available — this one shouldn’t brick systemsThis is what Dragon Age: Inquisition looks like running Frostbite 3Irrational releases downloadable content for BioShock InfiniteTrion drops Warface from its website; Crytek still working on U.S. releaseSony details Gran Turismo 6 preorder detailsNintendo’s Reggie takes us on a tour of his Animal Crossing homeWatch Elijah Wood go Cujo on enemies in Call of Duty: Ghosts
Mobile NewsAiming beyond 700M downloads, PlayFirst launches Diner Dash Rush on mobilePlayer-aquisition costs fall for mobile developers in MayKabam lays off a ‘small number’ of employees as it moves to mobile game growthApplifier introduces Everyplay FaceCam replays for mobile gamesHow game publishers like Kabam and Zynga use mobile ads to get on app store leaderboardsPopCap delays Plants vs. Zombies 2RuneScape developer plans Brazilian, mobile expansion after big 2012ESRB expands its ‘Privacy Certified’ services for mobile appsDouble Fine
Art for Double Fine’s Massive Chalice.
All this fundingDouble Fine’s Massive Chalice crowdfunding campaign has mere hours left
Xbox One It’s not self-publishing, but Microsoft reveals deep Xbox One Unity supportMicrosoft demonstrates how DIY game Project Spark integrates Xbox One, PC, and tabletMicrosoft reveals how it’s improving visual detail on Xbox One and Windows 8.1
Business happeningsBethesda confirms departure of id Software’s longtime biz guy‘Business as usual’ for Atlus despite parent company’s financial troublesParent company of publisher Atlus files for government-assisted reorganizationZynga’s head of partner publishing latest to bail on the companyDevelopers team up for Puzzle & Dragons and Clash of Clans cross promotion
TechGoogle rumored to be working on an Android game consolePlaying Angry Birds on a $21K 82-inch touchscreen is awesome (video)Sixense to develop wireless motion-sensing controllerNvidia delays Android-based Shield gaming handheldOuya CEO ‘pissed’ about delays, but angry fans aren’t buying the apologyPokki working with Acer and Zynga to build-in games app for new Acer PCsHow Twitch is using metadata to change video on the Web
ReviewsCompany of Heroes 2 reestablishes the series as one of the best strategy experiences (review)Deadpool hilariously hacks and shoots his way to gaming greatness (review)
Pieces of FlairNaughty Dog ‘constantly’ asks Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to write film based on its Uncharted gameKing cuts a licensing deal for Candy Crush Saga socksReport says fitness video games are proliferating as gamers get off the couchConan O’Brien visits E3 to pick his favorite consoleHow the top 25 YouTube channels earned 144B views, 520M comments, and 1B likesThe GamesBeat E3 2013 Non-Award Awards: The stuff no one else is writing aboutROUNDTABLE’D! Game characters do an Xbox One-eighty!GamesBeat 2013 is our fifth annual conference on disruption in the video game market. Youll get 360-degree perspectives from top gaming executives, developers, and analysts on what’s to come in the industry. Our theme this year is “The Battle Royal.” Check out full event details here, and grab your early-bird tickets here!

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