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AP Top 25 college football rankings, Week 2: Clemson pushes toward the top
Adam Jacobi, SBNationPosted: Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 11:39 AM
The AP poll was released Tuesday (normally its a Sunday release, but thanks to holiday scheduling weirdness and no NFL, here we are), and as is usually the case when aggregating several dozen peoples rankings, there were few surprises.Rank Team Record Votes Previous1Alabama (58)1-01,49712Oregon1-01,35533Ohio State (1)1-01,33024Clemson (1)1-01,30485Stanford0-01,27746South Carolina1-01,18167Texas A&M1-01,08578Louisville1-01,07399LSU1-09711210Florida State1-09531111Georgia0-1894512Florida1-08751013Oklahoma State1-07801314Notre Dame1-07071415Texas1-06741516Oklahoma1-06121617Michigan1-05831718UCLA1-03872119Northwestern1-03202220Washington1-0315NR21Wisconsin1-02872322Nebraska1-02191823Baylor1-0150NR24TCU0-11482025USC1-013524Others Receiving Votes: Miami (FL) 127, Mississippi 50, Arizona State 48, Michigan State 42, Northern Illinois 27, Cincinnati 27, Fresno State 22, Virginia Tech 12, Bowling Green 9, Georgia Tech 8, Arizona 6, Penn State 4, Boise State 3, Virginia 2, Arkansas 1
The top mostly held firm, with Alabama maintaining an iron grip on the top spot after thumping Virginia Tech at Cowboy Stadium, 35-10. Ohio State didnt make up any significant ground in the title chase after a whelming (not overwhelming, not underwhelming, just... whelming) victory against Buffalo, and in fact lost ground to Oregon. But the opportunity for a big push probably wont come until October—unless Bama goes down against Texas A&M, anyway.
Clemsons the real story here, though, as a 38-35 victory against then-No. 5 Georgia helped propel the Tigers into the top five. You could make the case that Clemson deserves to be higher on account of having actually beaten someone of merit—and a few voters did exactly that—but the win go up lose go down nature of polling is a little too pervasive for Clemson to rise too much higher at this point. Plus, it was a three-point win at home, not a full-scale evisceration of the Bulldogs.
We must bid a fond farewell to Oregon State, who nuked its own Top 25 status by 1) barely making it into the rankings and 2) losing immediately to an FCS team, Eastern Washington. Oregon State received no AP poll votes and probably wont receive any until the year 2087. Or so. Boise State is also leaving us, pretty much replaced by Washington, which it lost to.
Of course, none of this is particularly relevant for the postseason or much of anything else short of discussion. The AP poll hasnt been part of the BCS selection process for years, and most of the evaluation process is just looking at box scores like any fan would do. Fortunately, discussing sports is very fun, and wed love to hear what you think about this weeks poll below.The weekends 39 best college football photos:
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