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Best TV pictures for bright rooms
Samsung PNF8500 series
CNET rating: 4 stars out of 5
The good: The PNF8500 series exhibits outstanding picture quality with a class-leading bright-room image, deep black levels, good shadow detail, highly accurate colors, and superb off-angle and uniformity characteristics. Mind-boggling feature list with touch-pad remote, IR blaster with cable box control, four pairs of 3-D glasses, motion and voice command, and the industrys most capable Smart TV platform. Unique styling with full-width ribbon stand and slim-bezel metallic finish.
The bad: Expensive; correct film cadence requires sacrificing some black level; remote lacks numerous direct commands; imperfect cable box control; consumes more power than LCD TVs.
The cost: $2,199 to $2,998
The bottom line: Samsungs best-performing TV ever, the PNF8500 series pushes the plasma picture quality envelope, especially in bright rooms.Panasonic TC-LE60 series
CNET rating: 3.5 stars out of 5
The good: The affordable TC-LE60 series evinced commendable picture quality with deep black levels for an LED LCD, superb bright-room performance and solid video processing and color. True 120-Hz processing; unobtrusive ultra-minimalist styling; extensive Smart TV content.
The bad: Poor sound quality; worse off-angle viewing and picture uniformity than a plasma; Smart TV system is a bit clunky and includes pop-up banner ads by default.
The cost: $800 to $1,299
The bottom line: Charging the right price for a very good picture, Panasonics E60 LED LCD is one of the best values among midrange TVs.Sharp LE650 series
CNET rating: 3.5 stars out of 5
The good: The LE650 series boasts better overall picture quality than most competing LCD TVs. Black levels and shadows are dark and detailed, color is accurate and the image maintains fidelity in a bright room.
The bad: Sound quality has been compromised in the pursuit of a smaller cabinet; some slight black uniformity issues; cheaper big-screen TVs are available.
The cost: $988 to $1,200
The bottom line: The Sharp LE650 series sets the big-screen LCD TV value bar high with very good picture quality for the price.Vizio E500i-A1
CNET rating: 3.5 stars out of 5
The good: The E500i-A1 shows deep black levels, a uniform screen and commendable bright-room performance, making it a solid midlevel LCD TV. The Smart content selection is excellent. With its thin bezel, the set has a more compact, sleeker look than many competitors.
The bad: The local-dimming system can cause crushing; the dimming effect can be obvious on some scenes; the advertised 120-Hz refresh rate does nothing to improve picture quality.
The cost: $598 to $915
The bottom line: The Vizio E series offers picture quality nearing the more expensive Vizio M series, and is a very good choice if you value its Smart TV features and styling.
These Cnet staff members contributed to this report: senior editors David Katzmaier and Laura K. Cucullu and senior associate editor Ty Pendlebury. For more reviews of personal technology products, visit

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