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Google goes global with the $179 Moto G: Cheap phone, premium experience
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The Moto G might just be the device emerging markets have been waiting for.
Unveiled at an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil today, the device is a cheaper, global take on the Moto X, which was unveiled just two months ago.
As was clear in the teasers for the device, the Moto G is aimed heavily at emerging markets like Brazil, which are full of smartphone customers who can’t afford the $500-$600 devices found in other markets.
And Google isn’t kidding around: The 8GB version of the phone will run for roughly $179 — without a contract.
To understand the potential here, take a look at Brazil’s smartphone penetration, which is roughly 26 percent.
What that means, though, is that the device takes a few hits in the specifications department. The Moto G’s 720p display, for example, is 4.5-inches, a bit of a drop from the 4.7-inch Moto X. Likewise the device’s processor, a 1.2GHz Snapdragon chip, a tad slower than the 1.7Ghz one in the Moto X.
Still, Motorola maintains that the device offers a premium smartphone experience at a fraction of the cost, which might be all the Moto G needs to be a success.
“We think the industry should deliver more value for the consumers’ dollar. We think people deserve better,” Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said during the event.
One feature that didn’t survive the transition to global markets, however, is MotoMaker, Motorola’s smartphone customization service. In place of it, the Moto G features removable backs — called “Motorola shells”– and active grips, which boost the device’s customizability.
As far as the Moto X goes, Woodside says reception to the device has been been “absolutely fantastic.” That doesn’t exactly mesh with Google’s recent earnings report, though, which showed that Motorola lost $248 million last quarter. More recent reports suggested that Google has only sold 500,000 Moto X phones since launch.
It’s not clear whether the Moto G will turn that around, but at this point it couldn’t hurt.

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