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Samsung’s latest chip brings 4GB smartphones closer to reality

For Samsung, there’s no such thing as too much smartphone memory.
The company today announced the first eight gigabit, low power mobile DRAM, which promises faster performance, greater energy efficiency, and the very real possibility of 4GB smartphones and tablets.
While putting so much RAM in a smartphone seems like — and is — overkill right now, Samsung isn’t really thinking about the present here. This move is entirely about the long game. Samsung knows that smartphone owners down the line are going to use their devices for more memory-intensive application as time goes on. Samsung, like Apple with its mobile shift to 64-bit processors, is just preparing for the future.
What’s still up in the air, though, is whether the new chip will make it to Samsung’s next set of devices. Considering that last year’s Galaxy Note 3 had 3GB of RAM, it’s not too crazy to think that Samsung will up its successor to 4GB. Either way, Samsung says its new chip will go into mass production in 2014, so we’ll see it in action soon enough.


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