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Rose Bowl: No. 4 Michigan St. won't give an inch, beats No. 5 Stanford

The 100th Rose Bowl came down to a fourth down and the most predictable play call in Pasadena on Jan. 1 since they resumed football in 1916 after years of chariot and ostrich races.
Everyone in the building knew it was coming, Stanford tailback Tyler Gaffney said.
Two bullheaded teams that refused to give an inch put everything on the line over 12 inches of territory at the Stanford 34-yard line in the Rose Bowls north end. Chris Dufresne E-mail | Recent columns Also Photos:100th Rose Bowl, Michigan State vs. Stanford Rose Bowl: Stanford hits Michigan State brick wall again and again Michigan States Connor Cook maintains his composure Rose Bowl: Michigan State aiming for the top next season Vin Scully: Being Rose Parade grand marshal thrilling and overwhelming Photos:The Rose Bowl in black and white
Stanford rolled out its elephant backfield package and Michigan States defense rolled up its green sleeves.
Kevin Hogan handed off to fullback Ryan Hewitt just as Michigan State linebacker Kyler Elsworth dived over the top to meet him somewhere in mayhem.
After they cleared away bodies and the referees reviewed the mark, it was determined the Big Ten had held this precious line, with 1 minute 43 seconds to play.
Michigan State then ran out the clock on a thrilling 24-20 win before a crowd of 95,173.
The play of the game was made by a backup linebacker in the game only because star Max Bullough had been suspended for a violation of team rules.
Elsworth guessed Hewitt was going to get the handoff and literally threw himself at the fullback.
Youre saying, Man I hope he hands this ball off or Im tackling nobody, Elsworth, still fully dressed in his No. 41 uniform, said in a joyous locker room.
Elsworth, a senior, in his last game, may have worn his uniform back to East Lansing.
This is the way everyone wants to end his career, he said.
Michigan State claimed a Rose Bowl victory 26 years after its last appearance in 1988, when it beat USC.
Spartans fans flowed out of the Rose Bowl like a spilled can of green paint. They stood outside the stadiums outer shell and clicked cellphone pictures of memories they wont forget.
One said winning the Rose Bowl was better than winning the NCAA title in basketball (sorry, Magic Johnson).
There were spontaneous outbursts of delirium.
We won the 100th Rose Bowl! one Spartans fan said to no one in particular.
Michigan States locker room had the feel of Mardi Gras as players pranced, to loud thumping music, in various states of dress.
The game was the throwback-to-another-era scrum everyone, including the vendors, saw coming.
Shilique Calhoun, an end for Michigan States No. 1-ranked defense, hoped the game would come down to his side.
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