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App store pioneer GetJar acquired by China’s Sungy Mobile for just $5.3M (and bonuses)
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China’s Sungy Mobile today announced that it has acquired Getjar, one of the first third-party app stores to market, for $5.3 million in cash.
Getjar launched its app store back in 2004, and later pivoted into an Android app recommendation service. Sungy, on the other hand, is best known for its “GO” series of extremely popular Android launchers, and went public just three months ago.
Now official, this news first emerged last night on Gigaom, but with a significantly higher purchase price of “over $50 million.” This figure only make sense if you include the 1,443,074 Class A shares offered to Getjar if certain performance requirements are met.
According to the official release and earlier reports, this deal was driven by Sungy’s interest in amping up discovery and advertising services. This is Sungy’s first international acquisition.VentureBeat is providing our Marketing Automation Study to readers who fill out our survey. Share your experience, and you’ll get our full report when it’s published.Also: speak with the analyst who put this report together.

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