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Coursera finally brings its online classes to Android

Now you have one less excuse to avoid your Coursera lessons.
The online education startup quietly introduced a new Android app yesterday, Android Police reports. It comes only a few weeks after Coursera launched an app for the iPad and several months after it hit the iPhone.
The Coursera Android app gives you complete access to the more than 600 college courses on its site, as well as the ability to enroll in new courses and download materials for offline viewing.
Coursera offers free courses from more than 100 institutions, and it also launched a paid “Signature Track” offering last, which verifies your identity via photo ID and your typing pattern so it can give you “Verified Certificate.” That verification costs between $30 and $100 per course.
Now that the company finally has apps across iOS and Android, I expect it to start focusing on ways to attract new students to those mobile platforms. It has the potential to be far more appealing now to younger students who spend more time with their smartphones and tablets than they do with laptops. And, of course, the mobile apps are a key way for Coursera to attract students who don’t even have a computer.

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