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Google’s Pokémon Master job-opening April Fools’ joke is actually a real game
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Google is building self-driving cars and wearable computers — and now, it is getting into the pocket-monster business.
The search giant released an April Fools’ Day joke today that has its Maps team inviting the public to traverse the globe to capture Nintendo’s fictional Pokémon creatures. The company updated its Google Maps app with a minigame that has players searching all across the map to find 150 of the creatures. You don’t actually have to go to the physical locations, and you can instead just search on the map, click on the character, and capture them.
Here’s Google’s video explaining the process:
You can start playing now by updating your Google Maps app, tapping on the search bar, and hitting the “Press Start” button that appears. I’ve already caught 15. I even found one hiding inside Tesla Motors.
The search conglomerate claims it will invite applicants who catch all 150 Pokémon to its headquarters in California to participate in a final round of hiring. The winner will start at the company on Sept. 1 — according to the video.
You have until 2 p.m. Wednesday to find them. Get to catching ‘em all.Related articlesGamesBeat weekly roundup: Saga ownership, Mordor’s shadow, and Nintendo FusionPokémon X and Y offer plenty of fun despite being stuck in tradition (review)Nintendo reveals its first experiments in free-to-play gamingWii U, 3DS eShops will go offline tonight for 12 hours of maintenanceMeet the Super Bowl star who plays Pokémon 3 hours a nightGamesBeat 2014 — VentureBeat’s sixth annual event on disruption in the video game market — is coming up on Sept 15-16 in San Francisco. Purchase one of the first 50 tickets and save $400!

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