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Live at Amazon’s mystery NYC media event
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NEW YORK CITY — Amazon is is making its biggest play for your living room yet.
Three years after Amazon transformed its streaming video service into a direct Netflix competitor, the company announced its long-awaited set-top box, the Kindle Fire TV, a set-top box that puts Amazon in direct competition with Apple, Roku, and the rest.
Instead of just offering its video service on devices from other companies, it gives Amazon a way to reach consumers directly through their televisions.
The Kindle Fire TV is three-times faster than the Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast, Larsen said. It also sports an incredibly low profile (it’s about as tall as a dime). Like the competition, it also sports a simple and tiny remote.
Amazon’s vice president of Kindle Peter Larsen kicked off the event with an impressive stat: the company saw its video usage grow 350 percent thanks to a new focus on getting killer content.
“We need to invent and simplify on behalf of customers,” Larsen said. “We created an experience that uses state of the art power and performance in the service of simplicity,” he added.
Larsen didn’t waste any time pointing to issues with current media boxes: Searching on the Apple TV takes forever, thanks to its simplistic remote; a customer review noted that Google’s Chromecast had issues with synchronizing video; and another customer complained about having to pay $50 a year to use video services on the Xbox 360.
The set-top box could be like what Amazon did with the Kindle Fire, which serves a dual purpose as an electronic catalog for Amazon’s products and services, as well as a cheap Android tablet. But with so many options for accessing online content on your TV — Roku, Apple TV, game consoles, and apps built into your TV or Blu-ray player — it’s unclear why consumers would jump on Amazon’s offering.
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