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Trivia app Quizup’s branded categories & Google team-up hint at future money-making model
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Trivia app Quizup today quietly expanded into new territory with the launch of branded topics, the first of which involves a major player: Google.
Players of the trivia game, created by Plain Vanilla Games, will see a new topic today, “Earth from Above.” That topic is “brought to you by Google Maps,” the app states.
Curiously, this is the first time the app has ever incorporated another brand’s logo.
Above: Earth From Above: “Brought to you by Google Maps”
While Plain Vanilla Games has made its international expansion plans clear in the past, the company has not shared its monetization goals publicly. These branded categories — or topics, as they’re called in the game — may be an early sign of Plain Vanilla Games’ plans: to help companies promote their culture and history to trivia fans.

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