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After one week of sales, the HTC One (M8) might already be in trouble
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Last week, HTC launched the HTC One (M8), its successor to the first-generation HTC One, and we called it “the best Android phone the world has ever seen.” Similarly, we called the HTC One the previous year’s best all-around phone. Despite the great design on HTC’s flagship phones, they never do as well on the market as flagship offerings from the company’s top rivals, Apple and Samsung. Unfortunately for HTC, yet another study suggests HTC’s latest phone is off to a comparatively slow start. In fact, after a week of sales, the HTC One (M8) appears to be selling even more poorly than its predecessor.
According to the latest Chitika Insights report picked up by Business Insider, the HTC One (M8) only represents 0.1% of HTC phones seen by the company’s network after its first week of sales. In comparison, the first-generation HTC One represented 1% of all HTC phones after its first week.
Compared to other Android manufacturers, HTC is in third place, but with only 8.4% market share, which is a far cry from the 61.7% share of the market that Samsung has.
Of note, Verizon Wireless is currently the only U.S. carrier selling the new One (M8) in its stores — other carriers are only offering the new smartphone online for the time being.Tags:HTC, HTC One M8Source:Business Insider Previous ArticlePreviousThe final build of Windows Phone 8.1 will be available on April 14th TrendingAll of a sudden, Microsoft is making a lot of the right movesThese 13 videos might be silly, but they still make Microsoft’s Cortana seem impressiveNew poll shows why T-Mobile is scaring every other carrier to deathHow to improve your Android phone’s battery life in 10 secondsThis cool trick could have a huge impact on your Android phone’s battery lifeWindows Phone skeptic says Cortana ‘blows away Siri and Google Now’Related ArticlesSamsung: Here's why the Galaxy S5 is better than the HTC One (M8)You can get a free HTC One right now, but you'll have to act fastHTC One (M8) mini with 4.5-inch display reportedly launching in MayAwesome video walkthrough shows every cool feature in the HTC One (M8)HTC One (M8) pitted against iPhone 5s in massive photography showdown

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