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Turkish court rules to unblock YouTube after lifting Twitter ban
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After blocking YouTube completely, a Turkish court today ruled that a “blanket ban” violated human rights. In place of the ban, the court ruled to block 15 specific videos.
Today’s ruling comes more than a week after Google’s video site was first blocked. Twitter, another service blocked by the Turkish government ahead of local elections, was banned for over two weeks. Now that elections have passed, it’s likely that YouTube will unbanned soon. Twitter’s ban lifted days after elections kept Turkey’s ruling party in power.
Nearly one month ago, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that he “will not leave this nation at the mercy of YouTube and Facebook.” We feared a Facebook ban would arrive next, but today’s ruling may de-escalate the situation.VentureBeat and marketing expert Dan Freeman are working on a Marketing Automation buyers report.Help us out by answering the survey, and well share the resulting data with you.

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 ban   block   elections   ruling   Turkish   YouTube 
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