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LOHAN's Punch and Judy show GO for Saturday

Preparing for successful VDI implementation
The Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) Punch and Judy test flights are go for tomorrow (Saturday 5 April), and as ever well be streaming proceedings live over the interwebs so you make yourselves a nice cuppa, kick back and follow the action live from the comfort of your PC.
First up, we have the Punch rocket motor igniter test mission. On board will be the Special Project Electronic Altitude Release System (SPEARS) board, programmed to fire a small Cesaroni unit at 20,000m. Dave Akermans Raspberry Picam rig will capture the action, and beam back images to terra firma.

The Punch payload will also have one of Anthony Stirks new enhanced PAVA minitrackers as a back-up.
The second flight - Judy - is to test our Vulture 2 rocket motor heater rig at altitude. Expect drama as we use the Big Red Abort Switch To Release Aerial Payload (BRASTRAP) doomsday box to cut down the payload via the Iridium satellite network as soon as were satisfied weve got enough data from the heater.

Judy will pack one PAVA tracker, and all of the callsigns and frequencies are:PunchSPEARS: Callsign SPEARS, 434.075 MHzPAVA: Callsign PUNCH, 434.495Picam: Callsign RICHARD, frequency 434.525JudyPAVA: Callsign JUDY, frequency 434.493
As is customary, youll be able to follow the flights on a map at, and the live vid stream from the ground will land here. Picam images will be available here.
We stick up a swift update on Saturday morning as soon as were good to go, confirming callsigns and frequencies. Heres the view at Blightys Baikonur this morning - our relocated launch site close to Ross-on-Wye:

The weather doent look too promising at the moment, but were assured sunny spells tomorrow with a smidge of drizzle and winds from the southwest. See you then. ®More from the lovely LOHAN:You can find full LOHAN coverage right here.If youre new to LOHAN, seek out our mission summary for enlightenment.There are photos our our magnificent Vulture 2 spaceplane here, and detailed structural plans here.For your further viewing pleasure, we have all our photographic material stored on Flickr.Our LOHAN and Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) videos live on YouTube.We sometimes indulge in light consensual tweeting, as you can see here.LOHAN - A Special Projects Bureau production in association with...

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