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You have 1 month to finish your LEGO design proposal before the May deadline
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LEGO has just announced six product proposals that passed its Winter 2014 Product Review. They include Legend of Zelda and UCS  DeLorean Time Machine designs. Three times a year, LEGO reviews crowd-sourced design proposals and the best become official, commercially available sets. In order to get reviewed by LEGO, a project requires 10,000 supporters. Many of the spring proposals are incredibly detailed and thoughtful — including a Goonies 30 Year Anniversary Pirate Ship, Realistic Trees (which are more awesome than you might think) and a seemingly functional Labyrinth Marble Maze.
What’s the point of tinkering with virtual world-building in Minecraft if you can design your own virtual LEGO sets that could end up on the shelves of Toys R Us?
The competition between rival projects is fierce, though. Seemingly stunning projects like the Regent Street Apple Store often garner only 200 votes. It is quite possible that successfully landing 10,000 supporters for an idea may require a sophisticated campaign canvassing votes on various social media networks.
Probably the buzziest current item is the $50 LEGO Ghostbusters set, which is going to debut in June. The set’s creator, Brent Waller, even gets to pose on the LEGO blog in an impressively legit Ghostbusters costume.Tags:Lego Previous ArticlePreviousHTC One (M8) vs. Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5s: Guess which phone survives a 7-foot drop TrendingU.S. wireless carriers finally have something to fear: GoogleHTC One (M8) vs. Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5s: Guess which phone survives a 7-foot dropThank you, Google, for being so ‘evil’This cool trick could have a huge impact on your Android phone’s battery lifeAfter one week of sales, the HTC One (M8) might already be in troubleThis is Microsoft’s ingenious plan to reel in more customersRelated ArticlesThrowback Thursday: Lego Mindstorm Robotics Invention SystemLego and Alcatel teaming up to release Lego phoneSamsung's Galaxy S5 isn't even out yet and you can already get one for freeDid Samsung mess with the wrong president?U.S. wireless carriers finally have something to fear: Google

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