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Video: Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s square off in fingerprint scanner battle
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The soon-to-be-available Galaxy S5 comes with fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button, which will help users unlock the device but also perform other actions including securing PayPal transactions. Of course, the phone’s new feature will be extensively compared to its arch nemesis’ Touch ID functionality soon. But a first video that highlights Samsung’s and Apple’s way of implementing fingerprint-based security features for the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s, respectively, is already available on YouTube.
iCrackUriDevice has taken an extensive look at how the fingerprint recognition feature works on both devices, from setup to real world use, finding that the Touch ID is a bit more convenient when it comes to unlocking the phone than Samsung’s fingerprint scanner.
The Galaxy S5’s size may make it harder for some users to unlock the device when holding it with just one hand, as they’d have to swipe their finger over the sensor in order to unlock the device. Comparatively, the iPhone 5s’s sensor will react much faster in regular daily use, according to the tester.
The video showing the Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s fingerprint battle, from the initial configuration to actual testing, follows below. An early drop test video comparing the build quality of the Galaxy S5, iPhone 5s and HTC One (M8) is also available here.Tags:Galaxy S5, iPhone 5sSource:YouTube Previous ArticlePreviousLegere mercilessly mocks Sprint's 'Framily' plans TrendingU.S. wireless carriers finally have something to fear: GoogleHTC One (M8) vs. Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5s: Guess which phone survives a 7-foot dropThank you, Google, for being so ‘evil’Most sophisticated Android malware yet has already infected millionsAfter one week of sales, the HTC One (M8) might already be in troubleThis cool trick could have a huge impact on your Android phone’s battery lifeRelated ArticlesHTC One (M8) vs. Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5s: Guess which phone survives a 7-foot dropSamsung's Galaxy S5 isn't even out yet and you can already get one for freeBuying a Galaxy S5 next week? Here's how to sell your old Galaxy S4 for the most moneyHere's how the iPhone 6 might really hurt Apple this summerNew leak may expose Samsung's premium Galaxy S5 with a quad HD display

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