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Pa. expects increase in gas-well impact fees; $224.5M due this year
Don Hopey, Pittsburgh Post-GazettePosted: Friday, April 4, 2014, 1:12 PM
Pennsylvania expects to collect impact fees totaling $224.5 million this year for horizontally drilled, unconventional shale gas wells, according to an announcement Friday by Gov. Corbetts office.
The money will come primarily from fees assessed on 47 drilling companies for their Marcellus and Utica shale gas wells drilled in 2013 plus fees on previously drilled unconventional gas wells. It would surpass the $204.3 million impact fee collections for 2012 and the $204.2 million for 2011.
Corbett said in a statement contained in the release that the impact fee revenue has provided an economic boost to the state while helping to protect human health and the environment.
We are building a stronger Pennsylvania by harnessing our abundant resources to create jobs for working families, reinvest in our local communities, and protect our environment for generations to come, Corbett said. Through Act 13, we are protecting public health and safety, safeguarding our environment, and making sure our world-class energy industry grows in a responsible way.
More than half of the impact fee revenue is distributed by the state Public Utility Commission to municipalities and counties where gas drilling is taking place, and can be used for environmental, public safety, road and bridge repairs and emergency services.
Impact fee money is also distributed to county conservation districts and a number of state agencies, including the PUC, Department of Environmental Protection, Fire Commissioners Office and Fish and Boat Commission, for use in drilling oversight programs and activities.
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