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Yasiel Puig ruining baseball again somehow
Justin Klugh Posted: Friday, April 4, 2014, 2:59 PM
The Dodgers season is barely underway and already Yasiel Puig is ruining everything.
Puig showed up late for BP, and manager Don Mattingly rightfully benched him for the home opener. There was a miscommunication per the time he should show up, and now hes being punished. Puig is young, and he makes mistakes. Not every young player who made a mistake today will receive attention from the national media.
Always ahead of the curve, ESPNs Buster Olney jumped to the medias defense, because as they teach you in journalism school, always make yourself part of the story, if not THE story.
For the record: it wasnt the media that took Puig out of the lineup today because he was late.— Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) April 4, 2014 More coverage  VOTE: Do the Phillies need to find a new closer? Are Phillies bullpen woes on Sandberg?  POLL: Most popular Phils infielder from this era in 20 years? PHOTOS: 2014 Phillies Spring Training Follow the Phillies: Download our FREE Pro Baseball app! VOTE: Who will win the NL East? Latest Phillies videos  Forum: Can the Phillies contend in 2014?
Yes, because that is what people complain about - that the media is responsible for Puigs behavior. Not that every misstep and benching of his is covered with the utmost intensity. Buster Olney had absolutely no reports on, say, Jimmy Rollins not being in the Phillies lineup today. But no, this coverage of Puig is warranted and necessary.Olney is having a heck of a month, having already cried REVERSE RACISM! when criticized for his criticisms of Puig..
One other thing re: Puig coverage: Accusing reporters you dont know of being racist because of their color is nothing less than racism.— Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) March 27, 2014I think what we can learn from all this is that Buster Olney really missed A-Rod, but is enjoying having a new player to scrutinize and judge. #post2 .pw-icon.ra1-pw-icon-reddit {background: url() 0px 0px no-repeat !important;width: 60px !important;height: 20px !important;margin-right:8px;}#post2 .pw-icon.ra1-pw-icon-email {background: url() 0px 0px no-repeat !important;width: 71px !important;height: 28px !important;}0 comments

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