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Yasiel Puig to blame for L.A. turning into horrible baseball wasteland
Justin Klugh Posted: Friday, April 4, 2014, 5:40 PM
Yasiel Puig was benched earlier for being late to BP. Sure, that makes sense. What makes less sense is the terrifyingly sudden nature of the Dodgers descent into hellish chaos.
This is worst home opener of any team in my 30 years of watching them..angry players, benched players, booing fans, Dodgers down 8-0 in 2nd— Bill Plaschke (@BillPlaschke) April 4, 2014
Lets back up and point out the Dodgers are 4-1.
Lets back up a bit further and note that 4 + 1 = 5, and five is not a huge number of games to be into the season. A couple of hiccups, and Bill Plaschke, one of the heads of the anti-Puig League, is ready to pen his next opus.
More coverage  VOTE: Do the Phillies need to find a new closer? Are Phillies bullpen woes on Sandberg?  POLL: Most popular Phils infielder from this era in 20 years? PHOTOS: 2014 Phillies Spring Training Follow the Phillies: Download our FREE Pro Baseball app! VOTE: Who will win the NL East? Latest Phillies videos  Forum: Can the Phillies contend in 2014?But sure, Plaschkes commentary is just about today, in this situation. Its a lousy game. Its a shame that at the Dodgers home opener, theyre playing their first lousy game of the year. But this was the prologue to Plaschkes gamer, which will be another classic, pompous, Puig-shaming - not because Plaschke cares about the Dodgers or Puig or even baseball, but because he knows that hes in the best position to benefit from Puig staying public enemy number one.
Plenty of players will get benched this year. You probably wont remember all of them. But youll remember Puig! He ruined Opening Day at Chavez Ravine.
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