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DeSean: Chip said moving on was best for everyone
Les Bowen Posted: Friday, April 4, 2014, 6:44 PM
When DeSean Jackson signed with the Redskins, only Washington reporters were allowed to ask questions on the teams conference call, so we didnt get many answers on why Jackson thought he was released by the Eagles, and what the team told him.
We got a little closer to those answers Friday, when ESPN presented an interview with Jackson conducted by Stephen A. Smith.
The conversation I had with Chip Kelly was a deep, personal conversation, Jackson said on the one-week anniversary of his release. It was basically like, were moving forward. I think its best for the team, I think its best for yourself. I was sittin there waiting for the reason why, but thats basically all I can (recall) from the conversation, was were moving forward. I think its best for us and I think its best for you ... were going to go let you negotiate with 31 other teams.
Jackson said Kelly came back with the same reason as he awaited further explanation. Thats kind of where we left it. I got off the phone -- I was like, are you sure? Thats it? We hung up. That was it. More coverage  Cooks: I can do it like DeSean Jackson and do it better  More details emerge on why Eagles cut DeSean  Eagles LB Knott suspended 4 games for PED violation  DeSean Jacksons impact on NFC East race  Chip Kelly, Eagles must know something we dont  POLL: What position should the Eagles target in the draft? Top wide receivers in upcoming draft  VOTE: Who benefits most from DeSeans move? DeSean gets 3-year deal with Redskins  PHOTOS: Desean Jackson through the years  WATCH: How will Eagles replace Jacksons numbers?
Asked about the story that was posted just before he was released, alleging Jackson had ties to the Crips, Jackson said, I dont think it was right.
Jackson said he grew up with gang members but is not one. Do I know friends who were out there, involved? Yes, he said. When Smith tried to get Jackson to say he doesnt hang out with gang members, Jackson said: Not if theyre doing negative things.
There was much discussion of photographs of Jackson flashing what seem to be the Crips C sign. Jacksons explanation seemed to be that he and his friends from LA use that sign, among themselves, with no gang connotation.
I hope not, Jackson said after several minutes of badgering from Smith about whether he felt the Eagles planted the story.
I put it on the line for my teammates. Everything I do is for my teammates, said Jackson, when asked about being called a me-first player.
Jackson said if there was an issue about him hanging around with questionable people, it came early in his career, and was not there recently.
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