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Incredible new app helps the blind recognize colors and shapes through music
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The medical world has been revolutionized by technology again and again, yet even the smallest advancement is still able to surprise and delight us. National Geographic has drawn our attention to one app that provides the blind with an aural alternative to vision. EyeMusic SSD (sensory substitution device), an app for iOS devices, captures shapes in the environment and translates them into what the developers call a “Soundscape” through musical notes.
Visually impaired individuals with the app will be able to plug in headphones, hold their phones up in front of them and allow the camera to translate the image into sound, but it takes some training to learn how to “read” the music. For example, a smile might be heard as “a string of high notes descending and then ascending again,” while a frown would be the opposite. If you want to give the app a try yourself, it’s free to download on the App Store.Tags:Apple, iPhoneSource:National Geographic, EyeMusic SSD (App Store) Previous ArticlePreviousWhy overnight mobile gaming millionaires feel guilty about their riches TrendingU.S. wireless carriers finally have something to fear: GoogleHTC One (M8) vs. Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5s: Guess which phone survives a 7-foot dropMost sophisticated Android malware yet has already infected millionsSamsung’s Galaxy S5 isn’t even out yet and you can already get one for freeWhy overnight mobile gaming millionaires feel guilty about their richesVideo: The Xbox One has a big ace up its sleeve to help it win the console warRelated ArticlesSamsung gets its first important win in new patent battle with AppleHow to repair your broken iPhone screen without paying Apple a fortune [updated]Here's another reason the iPhone 6 can't launch soon enoughDownload this app right now: AirMusic for iPhone and iPad is now freeGreenpeace applauds Apple's 'commitment to renewable energy'

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