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The Punch and Judy show is LIVE NOW

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The Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) Punch and Judy test flights are about to kick off - assuming the wind doesnt scupper todays operations.
Heres the LOHAN team this morning close to Ross-on-Wye, gearing up for todays tomfoolery. From left to right we have Paul Shackleton, Rob Eastwood, Anthony Stirk, Dave Akerman and El Regs Drew Cullen:

You catch this unlikely bunch of space misfits right now at the live vid stream from the launch site. Note theres no sound due the high probability of cussing.
However, the chance of getting off the ground is currently 50/50, and were on hold in the hope the weather will improve.
If we do get in the air, the live stream will switch to the pursuit right here, and youll be able to follow the flights on a map at Live Picam images from the Punch payload will be available here.
For the radio hams out there, the mission callsigns and frequencies are:PunchSPEARS: Callsign SPEARS, 434.645 MHzPAVA: Callsign PUNCH, 434.495Picam: Callsign RICHARD, frequency 434.525JudyPAVA: Callsign JUDY, frequency 434.493
®More from the lovely LOHAN:You can find full LOHAN coverage right here.If youre new to LOHAN, seek out our mission summary for enlightenment.There are photos our our magnificent Vulture 2 spaceplane here, and detailed structural plans here.For your further viewing pleasure, we have all our photographic material stored on Flickr.Our LOHAN and Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) videos live on YouTube.We sometimes indulge in light consensual tweeting, as you can see here.LOHAN - A Special Projects Bureau production in association with...

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