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DeSean Jackson cartoon caption contest winners
Rob Tornoe Posted: Saturday, April 5, 2014, 3:08 PM
On Monday I asked for your best caption suggestions for my new DeSean cartoon. Congrats to RedPhanatic, who came up with the winning caption, posted above.
Here are the runner-ups:
“It must have been just a dream, doc. How else do you explain the part where the Sixers won a game?” – TwoInTheFirst
“It feels like seeing my whiny mother-in-law driving off a cliff with my brand new Mercedes. I dont know if Im upset or happy.” – 2:01TimeOut
“You’re going to have to do better than “you’re a masochist.” I’m an Eagles fan - it’s assumed.” – Slinger #post2 .pw-icon.ra1-pw-icon-reddit {background: url() 0px 0px no-repeat !important;width: 60px !important;height: 20px !important;margin-right:8px;}#post2 .pw-icon.ra1-pw-icon-email {background: url() 0px 0px no-repeat !important;width: 71px !important;height: 28px !important;}0 comments

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