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How to improve replay challenge system

The ball cleared the wall, and Coco Crisp zipped around the bases, setting off a celebration among teammates and fans that capped a long night and 12-inning As victory over the Indians. It was Crisps first career walk-off homer and a great time to be at the Coliseum.
All of a sudden, the good vibes stopped. Umpires reviewed the play.
The place went silent, except for the sounds of Kool & the Gang, and everyone stood still until umpires confirmed it was a homer.
What a rotten time to pronounce hold everything, especially because Cleveland manager Terry Francona didnt even ask for the review.
Theres a rhythm to everything in baseball, even postgame celebrations, and this was upset because of the new advanced-replay rules. Unnecessary. Should never be reviewed unless the opposing manager requests it.
Here are other changes that ought to be made to the new system:
1. Put a one-minute time limit on all reviews. If all those people in New York have access to all that technology and cant quickly see that an umpire blew a call, then its too close to overturn. It took 4 minutes, 43 seconds for a review in an As game, so maybe every challenge should be accompanied by Dave Brubecks Take Five.
2. Limit replay for the no-collision rule. Baseball tried to incorporate too much at once. Managers will continue requesting replay for anything close at the plate, and our kinder/gentler umpires dont seem to want to deny them. Even if a catcher has a foot in fair territory, applies a swipe tag and is not in a collision, he could still be illegally blocking the plate. Shouldnt be reviewable.
3. With apologies to Shawon Dunston, video advisers - the guys who sit in a room to watch replay and communicate with coaches in the dugout wholl notify the manager whether to challenge - are unnecessary. Over the top and too time consuming. The manager should be able to see for himself if a call is blown and a challenge is warranted. Give him back his instincts and authority.
4. Wait a minute. An umpiring crew at a Yankees-Astros game initiated a review to check the count of an at-bat? Didnt know if it was 3-1 or 2-1? Took 2 minutes and 20 seconds? In memory of the Marx Brothers, lets invoke the sanity clause.
5. Players work all year to get better. Umpires should, too. Better calls beget fewer challenges beget a better pace beget a better game - and maybe Bruce Bochy wouldnt have to worry about being out of challenges when a runner wrongly is called safe at the plate when tagged by Matt Cain.
-- This weeks Miguel Cabrera financial fun fact: His salary as a rookie was $165,000. Over the next 10 years, his salary per game will be $180,000.
-- What do these matchups from Thursdays games have in common: Tim Hudson vs. Trevor Cahill, Dan Haren vs. Tyson Ross and Bartolo Colon vs. Gio Gonzalez? All former As pitchers, but none who opposed each other were actually teammates.
-- Once around the rotation, the Giants and As best starters were the new guys, all $45 million of Hudson and Scott Kazmir, who combined to throw 15 scoreless innings while striking out 12 and walking none.
-- The Mariners werent asking for a forfeit Friday night in that so-called Coliseum rainout, but ... the Boston Red Sox got a forfeit victory in 1941 after umpires called a game in the eighth inning in Washington (with the Red Sox trailing 6-3, Ted Williams at the plate and Joe Cronin at first) because the field was too wet, thanks to the Senators failing to cover the field during an in-game rainstorm.
-- According to Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the boos for Ryan Braun werent over the top in Boston like the cheers were over the top in Milwaukee. Just wait: Monday the Brewers play in Philly.
-- A big test comes in late August when the Brewers visit San Francisco. Will those who cheered Barry Bonds boo Braun?
John Shea is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. E-mail: Twitter: @JohnSheaHey

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