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The tech industry’s problem is men, not a lack of women, NYTs says
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The New York Times published a great feature article yesterday that explores the technology industry’s gender-bias problems by speaking in-depth with a handful of smart women dealing with this issue every day.
The NYTs article opens with Glimpse cofounder Elissa Shevinsky, who decided to stop working with business partner and former BusinessInsider CTO Pax Dickinson after he made a series of sexist remarks on Twitter. VentureBeat contributor Amy Vernon (who now works for Glimpse) first reported that scoop back in December after Shevinsky had a change of heart and rejoined the company at Dickinson’s request.
Some might view Shevinsky’s decision as a loss for gender equality in the male-dominated tech industry, but it also means the conversation won’t die.
“The biggest thing was Pax realizing he was a public figure and the responsibilities that came with that,” Shevinsky told the Times.
Anyway, the take away from the NYTs piece? Well, there’s actually quite a few, but the main one I pulled out was that this is an issue that only gets worse when people stop talking about it.
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