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'Cat survives dog pile
MARK PERNER, Daily News Staff Writer pernerm@phillynews.comPosted: Monday, April 7, 2014, 12:16 AM
WEVE ALL SEEN it play out several times and wonder, How the heck did someone not get hurt?
Were talking about wild celebrations after a momentous victory. With the Phillies, we saw Mike Schmidt leap into a crowd of teammates after the 1980 World Series, and in 2008 watched Brad Lidge drop to his knees as Carlos Ruiz ran to hug him, only to have teammates pile on, and hoped Lidge wasnt in danger when the deluge hit the mound.
On Saturday night, after his Kentucky Wildcats beat Wisconsin, 74-73, on Aaron Harrisons dramatic three-pointer to reach tonights championship game, forward Alex Poythress tweaked his left knee during the Wildcats celebration.
Poythress was on the outside of the dog pile, as he called it (interesting to have Cats in a dog pile, but we digress), in a sitting position and teammates began inadvertently rolling up on his left leg. You could actually see Poythress screaming in pain and yelling at teammates to get off him. More coverageWATCH: Jerardi: Beware of the Kentucky WildcatsFull 2014 NCAA Bracket POLL: Which freshman should the 76ers target?Buy local college sports tickets Latest college sports videos
With starting center Willie Cauley-Stein already out of the lineup with a bad ankle and star forward Julius Randle tweaking an ankle in the first half on Saturday, the last thing the Wildcats needed was another injury.
So when Poythress showed up at the postgame press conference limping and with a bag of ice on his knee, Twitter lit up with cautions and updates.
Fortunately for Poythress and the Wildcats, there was no injury, at least according to Poythress.
He told the Associated Press yesterday, Its fine. Im ready to play. Im good.
Kentucky coach John Calipari, limping himself, dismissed the bizarre injury.
I was going to go in the dog pile. My hip was bothering me so bad I couldnt jump on there, Calipari said yesterday, smiling. But I was going in there, too.
Fortunately for the Wildcats, Calipari didnt add input to injury.
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