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Moto’s next flagship may have a leather back
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A new Moto X flagship handset is due “soon” @evleaks has revealed in a new tweet, with Motorola expected to launch a “Moto X+1” device according to the leaker who has an accurate track record when reporting on unreleased mobile devices. However, actual launch details for the new Android handset are yet to be revealed.
A picture of the new handset has not been provided yet, as only an image showing the name of the handset and its styling has been leaked. Specs for the Moto X have not been shared either, although the same @evleaks said in a following tweet that Motorola will bring leather covers to its flagship line this year, after offering buyers the option of buying a wooden Moto X handset last year.
Even though it’s no longer a Google entity, Motorola is expected to launch a variety of mobile devices this year, including the Moto X+1, an Android phablet, even cheaper entry-level handsets, but also at least one wearable gadget, the Android Wear-based Moto 360. Lenovo has recently acquired Motorola, with a recent report revealing that the Chinese giant is considering “Motorola by Lenovo” branding for future devices.
The image showing the name of the following Moto X flagship handset follows below.
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